Discipline code


Every classroom will have a "Time Out" area, where a child who displays inappropriate behaviour will be sent after two (2) warnings. The child will fill out a Time Out Record Sheet which will be kept and filed by the class teacher.

Further actions will be negotiated with the Assistant Principal when required,. Possible actions could include round table with student/teacher/AP, parent teacher meeting, letter sent home etc.



In the event a student behaves inappropriately in the playground, the teacher on duty will issue a Yellow Playground Behaviour slip. Consequences include, time-out; verbal warning etc.

Slips are forwarded to the classroom teacher who will sign them then place them in a Behaviour Box near the sign on book. The Assistant Principals will collect, collate and enter the information on the Student Welfare tracking system.

The Assistant Principal will inform the classroom teacher when a student is referred to the Planning Room. A letter is sent home to parents if a child attends Planning Room.