BPS expectations PBL

Positive Behaviour Engaging Learners (PBL) is a school-wide program that creates a positive, encouraging environment for learners. 

PBL is a prevention program. Students at Berowra Public School are taught to act respectfully, responsibility and ensure they, along with all students at Berowra Public, achieve their personal best. By explicitly teaching behavioural expectations, students increase engagement levels and distractions are decreased. The school is positive, supportive learning environment.


PBL incorporates a continuum of practices that include:

  • school-wide expectations including establishing clear consequences;

  • formal instruction in social skills;

  • helping students to regulate their own behaviour;

  • helping teachers to intervene effectively to manage behaviour in both classroom and non-classroom environments;

  • pro-active supervision in all areas of the school;

  • positively and regularly reinforcing positive student behaviours.


Berowra Public School's expectations are:



Self - Others - Community


Berowra Public School expectations are that students show respect for self, others and community. Respect is promoted throughout the school and clearly defined and taught in classroom activities.


Respect lessons


Class lessons are based on the ideas and activities in the BounceBack Wellbeing and Resilience Program by Pearson. The scope and sequence and content/delivery of the lessons have then been tailored to fit the needs of the students at Berowra Public School in accordance with PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) school-wide expectations. For more information about PBL, or how to assist your children at home, please visit the PBL website or contact Berowra Public School.


How can parents help to support PBL?

  • Read and become familiar with our expectations.
  • Discuss these with your child.
  • Relate our expectations to the home environment to provide consistency.
For more information about PBL please visit the PBL website http://www.pbl.schools.nsw.edu.au/