Student Parliament


Student Parliament helps students to act as role models for their peers and develop strong leadership skills.

At Berowra Public School, Year 6 students are elected to roles within the School Parliament. These students then lead their committees and run whole parliament sessions. 

During parliament, students from K-6 can present a motion to parliament. Once seconded, arguments for and against the motion are presented by students. All students K-6, then vote for or against the motion. If the motion is passed, it is then passed to the relevant minister (e.g. Minister for Sport, or Minister for Education) to be presented to the principal and then acted upon if it has been approved by the principal/staff. 


Student Parliament roles:

  • Prime Ministers (School Captains)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Sergeant of Arms
  • Minister for Communication and Technology
  • Minister for Information and Research
  • Minister for Education
  • Minister for the Environment
  • Minister for Functions/Social Services
  • Minister for Health and Safety
  • Minister for Sport
  • Minister for Trade

Expectations of Student Parliament:

All members of Berowra Public School Student Parliament are expected to set a good example to fellow students by wearing full school uniform (including correct school shoes and school hat) at all times. They are also expected to maintain a high standard of conduct, attitude and citizenship. This should be demonstrated in their daily relationships and interaction with students and staff alike. In this way they will assist in the development of a school community where individuals feel secure, happy and free to strive towards their personal best in aspects of school life. Additionally, all Ministers of Berowra School Student Parliament are expected to consistently display positive leadership skills.

Student Parliament roles:

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