2017/18 Summer menu

Winter menu

The canteen is managed by the Canteen Committee which operates under the auspices of the P & C.  It is staffed by voluntary workers with a paid supervisor.  The canteen provides nutritious foods and snacks for children.

Lunch orders are available Monday, Thursday and Friday.  The canteen is open both at recess and lunchtime on these days.

If you wish to order lunch for your children from the school canteen, send an unused paper bag with your child's name, class and lunch order clearly written on it, and the correct money inside. Children can give the order in at the canteen before 9:20am. We also offer online ordering which is a very convenient way to order lunches. Just log on to Lunches are sent to each classroom.

Perhaps you may be able to help at the canteen on a regular basis or occasionally.  The more parents available for this voluntary task the lighter the workload of these willing helpers.

The Canteen Committee holds monthly meetings to decide on appropriate stock items and policies. 

The canteen also assists with special school activities such as Sports days. 

Canteen price lists are reviewed at the end of each term and new lists are then sent home.