Parents and Citizens Association

Reforms to P&C Federation

The NSW Parliament has introduced legislation to reform the NSW Federation of Parent and Citizens Associations, which has suspended operation pending Supreme Court action. While these reforms will not affect the day-to-day operation of individual school P&Cs, they will introduce a new executive structure which will ensure the Federation operates as a modern and representative body on behalf of school P&C Associations.

Each school's P&C Association will be asked to vote for councillors and delegates who will represent their electorate at the Federation's Annual General Meeting and councillors who will serve on the Federation's Board of Management. More information will be available on the Department's website at


Berowra Public School P&C

The P&C is a very active body which meets on the third Monday of each month at 7:30pm in the staff room. Meetings are short, positive and productive. All parents and carers are invited and encouraged to become part of the P&C.

The purpose of the P & C is to actively provide and improve school facilities (through fundraising) and participate in the curriculum and welfare of students. Sub-committees/groups such as School Support and Canteen generally meet during daytime/school hours, others such as the Reference Group and larger fundraising events like Trivia Nights and the Fair meet at times/venues suitable to those who are involved and many smaller events/activities can be sorted via email or phone. The only ‘skill' you need is a willingness to participate, have a laugh and come along! 



Money from the IGA Community Benefits Program is now going directly to the P&C, so come and have a say on where you would like to see the money spent.


Key Documents

The P&C have the following policies in place: A Code of Conduct Policy for all P&C staff and a Discrimination and Harassment Policy.
Code of Conduct (doc, 63 KB)
BPS By Laws (docx, 24 KB)
P and C Constitution (docx, 28 KB)