Mathletics is a fun and educational website that you can access via the internet. It includes lots of important mathematical skills that can be extremely useful in the future (e.g. for high school and university). Every time you complete an activity, you earn points. The most points that you can earn from a regular activity is 100 and every time you get a question incorrect, you lose ten points. The most points that can be earned in a test is 300. There is also a leaderboard for the people who score the most daily points.


There is also live mathletics, which is a fantastic way to practise your mentals with a one minute time limit. You earn points by answering questions correctly and if you get three questions incorrect you are eliminated from that round. There are ten different levels of maths and each is slightly harder that the level before it. There are four ways to challenge people. You can challenge people from your school, your class, people from around the world, or you can challenge the computer. If some of your classmates are online and next to their name it says ready, then you can click on their names and choose to challenge them. You can select a maximum of three people at a time.


There are many fun ways to practise your maths skills on Mathletics and many people love using it.


by Ryan J, Eden S and Matthew C.

Year 4 2015