Berowra participates in the Hornsby Primary School Sports Association interschool-competition.



Students from 3-6 are selected to represent the school in winter and summer PSSA competitions. They are chosen based on their sporting talent and skills as well as their ability to work as part of a team. Regular training opportunities are provided by skilled coaches for all students, even those who did not make the team.

For more information, download the PSSA Code of Conduct (pdf, 149 KB)


Summer PSSA Sports:


Winter PSSA Sports:

  • Soccer (girls, senior boys and junior boys)
  • Netball (senior girls and junior girls)
  • AFL (senior girls and boys and junior girls and boys)


An initiative started by Mr Jones began in 2014, where students who missed out on a PSSA team are invited to try out for a Berowra Community of Schools sporting team. This is a competition between local schools designed to encourage students who didn't quite make the PSSA teams to participate in physical activity.

soccergirls soccer

Tee ballBCoSnetball