Student Parliament


The implementation of Berowra Public School Student Parliament is seen as a means of empowering students through active involvement in a fully functioning democratic model.



  • Members of Parliament will exhibit strong leadership skills.
  • Ministers of Parliament will provide an exemplary role model for all students.
  • Students will experience the democratic process at first hand.
  • Students will have an awareness of the structure/role of Government and Parliamentary procedures.
  • Parliamentary decisions will be seen to have an influence on school activities.
  • Members of Parliament will realise that through the democratic process each person has the right to free expression of ideas, together with responsibility for the well being of all.


Expectations Of All Members Of Parliament:

All members of Berowra Public School Student Parliament are expected to set a good example to fellow students by wearing full school uniform (including correct school shoes and school hat) at all times. They are also expected to maintain a high standard of conduct, attitude and citizenship. This should be demonstrated in their daily relationships and interaction with students and staff alike. In this way they will assist in the development of a school community where individuals feel secure, happy and free to strive towards their personal best in aspects of school life. Additionally, all Ministers of Berowra School Student Parliament are expected to consistently display positive leadership skills.


Responsibilities Of All Ministers:

  • Each Minister will report to Parliament at each session.
  • Each Minister will undertake specific tasks.
  • Each Minister will form a Stage 3 committee to help in fulfilling his/her duties. The Minister is responsible for organising a roster of committee members for regular tasks e.g. sports duties.
  • All Parliamentary decisions/recommendations affecting school operation must have the approval of the principal before they are implemented. It is the responsibility of the Minister involved to organise an appointment to meet with the supervising teacher to discuss Parliamentary decisions/recommendations.