Student Parliament Roles

Prime Ministers (School Captains)

  • Alternatively chair Parliamentary Sessions / Act as Parliamentary Speaker. 
  • Conduct the voting at Parliament Sessions. 
  • Make speeches, e.g. thanking people, offering gifts, accepting presentations.
  • Write thank you notes for services rendered to our school/grade.
  • Represent our school on special occasions.


  • Record the opening and closing time of each session.
  • Record the minutes of each Parliamentary Session in the required format.
  • Present the minutes of the previous meeting at each Parliamentary Session.
  • Keep all records in the Secretary's folder.
  • Read from the General Business, the decisions and solutions to the problems and questions raised.
  • Present the Parliamentary Report to the school assembly each fortnight. 


  • Prepare and present a financial report at each Parliamentary Session.
  • Keep records of Parliamentary money.
  • Collect any money raised, count it, record amount and then give it to the front office for banking.
  • Combine with the Minister for Functions/ Social Services for fund raising activities.
  • Organise, through discussion in Parliament, ways to spend surplus money.

Sergeant of Arms

  • Directs the House to silence when Parliament is ready to begin.
  • Leads Ministers to and from the House.
  • Escorts from the House any members who are directed by the Speaker to leave for disciplinary reasons.
  • Counts voters who choose to abstain.
  • Assists Speaker in identifying names of Members when necessary and organises the use of the cordless microphone.