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Last updated 12:36 AM on 8 October 2011

At the P&C Meeting on 15th June, it was decided to allocate $26000 towards Interactive Whiteboards. With an extra allocation from school funds, this will allow us to buy five more IWBs. Once they are installed, we will have an IWB in every classroom.

This is a major milestone for the school. The first IWB was installed in the Library in June 2009. At that time the school community set a target to have an IWB in every classroom in three years. Given that each whiteboard costs about $7000 (including associated electrical and structural work), this was a major commitment.

Since that time a mixture of school and community funds have been used to buy and install ten IWBs. This final donation will enable us to achieve our three year target one year ahead of schedule. The total expenditure will total about $100 000, a large sum, but a small price to pay for the obvious educational benefits that will result.

I am really excited and heartened by this major school achievement. Thank you again to the leaders of our parent groups, Karen, Simon, Jodi, Carolyn and Sarah.