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Last updated 8:51 AM on 23 July 2014

For the first half of Term 3, students at Berowra Public School are focusing on the PBeL School expectations- Responsibility: Own Your Actions.


Students are learning about social skills- ways of behaving politely towards other people.  


Focuses for students K-6 include:

  • Being a good listener
  • Finding things in common with others
  • Being a good winner and loser 
  • Playing fairly
  • Choosing appropriate words and tone


Some of the lessons are based on the ideas and activities in the BounceBack Wellbeing and Resilience Program by Pearson. The scope and sequence and content/delivery of the lessons have then been tailored to fit the needs of the students at Berowra Public School in accordance with PBeL (Positive Behaviour for Engaging Learners) school-wide expectations. For more information about PBeL, or how to assist your children at home, see additional website pages under 'Caring for students' or contact Berowra Public School.