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Selected students from Year 3 and Year 6 joined with students from local schools to participate in mentor training and the 'Whodunnit Day' at Mount Colah Public School.


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On Tuesday 21st August, a few year 9, 6 and 3 students from Berowra, Mount Colah, Hornsby North, Asquith Boys and Girls and a few other local schools, went to Mount Colah Public School as a follow-up from a few weeks ago, to work on a writing project. We had been selected by our teachers. The purpose of the project was for the year 6 and year 9 students to be paired up with a year 3 student to boost their confidence in writing, so they feel satisfied about what they write. Two thirds of us were mentors.


First up when everyone had arrived, we were welcomed and then split into about seven groups, not that big, considering that there were about 90 people. My trio was on the stage of Moutn Colah hall, and then we were assigned a crime scene to investigate: who broke the principal's laptop? We were presented with a real-life in front of us crime scene of a principal's office (it was a pretend case) with a smashed laptop, diary and tipped over chairs and desk utensils. Our team had to closely study the scene a note done anything, unusual or suspicious.


After getting settled in what we were doing in the crime scene, we moved onto the mug shots of the suspects. We noticed that the school cleaner had a lot of lipstick on and there not a picture of the principal: she was anonymous. We noted them down and moved onto the next station.


The third station was very helpful, as it was evidence videos. It showed how the cleaner stole some lipstick, the Assistant Principal desperately wanted to be Principal, a student spilt water on his shirt in the principal's office, the IT manager and the principal quarreling about a laptop, and many more snippets of useful evidence. Once we finished that station, it was finally recess, after a morning of fun work.


After our well-deserved break, we were back to work. It was time to work through our clues and evidence to piece together who the culprit was. We were confident it was the principal herself who smashed her laptop, because she set up her office to frame students or the IT manager, and because she really wanted a new laptop and the IT manager didn't have enough money to buy one unless it just happened to break. So it made sense for her to have broken it herself to get her own way to recieve a new laptop. We got about one and a half hours to complete our report on the culprit.


Last of all, we had to present our work to the principal of our school (in my case, Mrs Bower). She liked it and then we were told the real culprit....... and it was the principal! Our trio shared our joy and said goodbye as we went back to school. It had been a wonderful day packed with excitement.


Recount written by Isabel P