Berowra Public School supports students to be 'cybersmart' when using technology and the internet.

Students receive some pointers from the ACMA's Education Advisor, Naomi Raiz during the trial of Cybersmart Hero.

Cybersafety is important for all students. Parents are encouraged to supervise their children at all times when they are using computers and the internet.The Australian Government website provides information and resources to help kids, parents and teachers be 'cybersmart'.

Year 6- Cybersmart Heros

Year 6 learnt about cyberbullying through completing the interactive 'Cybersmart Hero' program. "Cybersmart Hero addresses the issue of cyberbullying and the responsibilities of those in the best position to influence cyberbullying—the bystander. The Cybersmart Hero program is designed to meet the learning needs of students in the final year of primary school" (

What Year 6 said about the program:

  • We really liked the program, it was really fun.
  • We liked that they used real life situations to teach us about cyberbullying.
  • We liked how it was so real to life and that we had a real person talk back to us.
  • It was fun because we learnt interesting things about the internet.
  • We liked reading the messages, their responses and being able to reply to the messages.
  • We really enjoyed the activity. We found the questions were a good level and weren't too challenging.


What Year 6 said they learnt from participating in the program:

  • We learnt how to be safe on the internet
  • We learnt that there is a big difference between joking around and being mean
  • We learnt that you really have to be careful with what you say online or you can really hurt other people's feelings.
  • How to stop cyberbullying and how to be cybersmart.
  • We learnt how to be more safe on the internet and how to manage our pictures and passwords.
  • We learnt how to handle, stop, prevent cyberbullying and what to do if a friend is being cyberbullied.


The program gave students clear points to stay safe on the internet. To reinforce cybersafety at home, download Cybersmart (docx, 31 KB).